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Title: Зарубіжний досвід архівації електронних документів: е-пошта та твіти
Other Titles: Зарубежный опыт архивации электронных документов: э-почта и твиты
Foreign Experience of Archiving Electronic Documents: e-mail and tweets
Authors: Бездрабко, В.В.
Keywords: електронний документ
електронна пошта
експертиза документів
электронный документ
электронная почта
экспертиза документов
electronic document
appraisal of documents
Issue Year: 2018
Publisher: Сумський державний університет
Citation: Бездрабко, В.В. Зарубіжний досвід архівації електронних документів: е-пошта та твіти [Текст] / В.В. Бездрабко // Сумська старовина. - 2018. - № LII. - С. 80-89.
Abstract: Розглянуто особливості мережевої комунікації, статус, проблеми архівації, експертизи цінності е-документів і відповідні досягнення в архівістиці США.
Рассмотрены особенности сетевой коммуникации, статус, проблемы архивации, экспертизы ценности электронных документов и соответствующие достижения в архивистике США.
The technologically changing world in recent decades has made radical challenges to society, offering a short amount of time for high-speed orientation, adaptation to human being in the new conditions. Changes affect all spheres of human life. Archivistics isn’t an exception, and at the turn of the century also undergoes serious changes in practices associated with a qualitatively new form of existence of the main object of its attention – the archive document. The electronic archive document needs to take into account the peculiarities of functioning, and, therefore, the individual theoretical and practical statements in order to ensure its successful "life" in the static phase. In Ukrainian Historiography of the Archivistics, we can find not many works devoted to the problems of Archival Affairs in the conditions of the electronic information environment. Nevertheless, foreign colleagues have been studying archiving of electronic documents for several decades, they demonstrate important theoretical and practical, scientific and technological findings. The first scientific projects on archiving of electronic documents have been developed by A. Gilliland "Bentley Historical Library Computer Conferencing Appraisal Project", Pittsburgh project of R. Cox and D. Beаrman, as well as "Preservation of the Integrity of Electronic Records Project" (so-called "Project UBC") under the direction of L. Durantі, T. Eastwood and G. MаcNeil. R. Cox and D. Berman have developed production rules for the construction of electronic systems for registration, access, and accounting of e-documents, and their colleagues from Canada – L. Durantі, T. Eastwood and G. MаcNeil, have taken care of the integrity and completeness of all processes of the time slot under the title "life of the edocument". In both cases, they were adapted to technological developments in other areas of social activity, related to electronic information management information processes in the conditions of e-environment. Difficulties in project implementation were: the absence of such experience in the archival sector, the initial accumulation of the potential of the practice of working with e-mail, the recognition of the legal validity of e-documents (including letters) and the preservation of the confidentiality of information, protection against unauthorized access and use, as well as verification of authenticity. In Ukraine, we note low interest of archivists for such sources as e-mails, tweets, blogs, publications in social networks, on video channels, and so on. Numerous "traces" of life and creativity of many public, media or ordinary people remain aside from the formation of their personal foundations, or collective portrait of an era that is perceived by the life of a "small" person. Therefore, for the Archival Affairs in Ukraine, it is an important issue to make accumulation and structuring of these types of sources possible, for the purpose of their saving and accessibility for those who are interested in the future.
Type: Article
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