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Title: Humanistic – Behavioral – Cultural Competitive Advantage of the Enterprises – Concept Models
Authors: Lesniewski, M.A.
Keywords: гуманістичні конкурентні переваги
гуманистическое конкурентное преимущество
humanistic competitive advantage
конкурентні переваги
поведенческое конкурентное преимущество
behavioral competitive advantage
культурні конкурентні переваги
культурное конкурентное преимущество
cultural competitive advantage
концептуальні моделі
концептуальные модели
concept models
менеджер знань
менеджер знаний
knowledge manager
Issue Year: 2019
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Lesniewski, M.A. Humanistic – Behavioral – Cultural Competitive Advantage of the Enterprises – Concept Models [Текст] / M.A. Lesniewski // Business Ethics and Leadership. - 2019. - Vol.3, Issue 1. - P. 34-43. - DOI:
Abstract: The functioning of any organization, including business, is based on people thanks to whom you can shape the competitiveness and competitive advantage. Managers and subordinates are to work together for the good of the entire organization. Employees should be positive for other people and positively engaged in the performance of their duties. Positivity of a person derives from positive psychology contributing to the positive development of the knowledge manager and a positive subordinate.
Type: Article
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