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Title: Analysis of the Determinants of Social Capital in Organizations
Authors: Mercado, M.P.S.R.
Vargas-Hernández, J.G.
Keywords: соціальний капітал
социальный капитал
social capital
фактори спільної роботи
факторы совместной работы
collaborative work factors
Issue Year: 2019
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Mercado, M.P.S.R. Analysis of the Determinants of Social Capital in Organizations [Текст] / M.P.S.R. Mercado, J.G. Vargas-Hernández // Business Ethics and Leadership. - 2019. - Vol.3, Issue 1. - P. 124-133. - DOI:
Abstract: At the present, Mexico is experiencing a climate of uncertainty and widespread distrust, due to the increase in the level of crime and low level of confidence derived from opportunistic behavior aimed at obtaining an individual rather than a collective benefit, affecting business activities in the country. This research analyzes the determinants of social capital in various theoretical and empirical investigations.
Type: Article
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