Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks (FMIR) : [90]

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2018Mathematical literacy and Nigerian Stock Exchange: an exposition of financial information for Blue-chip stocks’ business decision analysisBello, H.; Dunari, M.Article168
2018Model of Stress-testing of Banks’ Liquidity Risk in UkraineKryklii, Olena Anatoliivna; Luchko, I.Article116
2018Public Spending and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: a SynthesisKouassi, K.Article84
2018Risk Management and Behavioral FinancePrince, T.Article119
2018Preliminary contemplation on Exchange ValueDave, HArticle118
2018Causes, Features and Consequences of Financial Crises: a retrospective cross-country analysisSubeh, M.; Boychenko, V.Article101
2018The Algerian bank between eco-regulations and development of customer loyaltyKhadidja, Z.; Bachir, B.Article138
2018An Evaluation of Financial Management System in Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation an Autonomous Institution, Thiruvananthapuram, KeralaNisa, S.; Kavya, M.S.Article199
2018Reputation risk in banking: application for UkraineBuriak, Anna Volodymyrivna; Artemenko, Oleksandr SerhiiovychArticle2918
2018Book review. Application of econometrics in economicsUrbina, D.A.Article52
2018Performance Measurement and Management in Public Enterprises in India: A Case Study of NTPCChakrawal, Al.K.; Goyal, P.Article52
2018Methodical bases of the proposal evaluation of investment resources in the construction industryChirichenko, Y.; Fisunenko, N.Article44
2018Islamic economy as an alternative solution to managing economic crisis: Some fashionable case studies of Iran, Malaysia Saudi ArabiaBello, H.S.; Ahmad, N.; Galadima, I.S.Article83
2018Distribution of investment resources: where is agriculture in the Ukraine’s economy?Sokolov, M.; Mykhailov, An.; Khandurin, D.Article104
2018Corporate Governance and profitability: Evidence from Indian IT companiesPrusty, T.; Waleed, M. Al-ahdalArticle515
2018The Transmission of International Food Commodity Prices to ChinaShuquan, H.Article42
2018What are the Costs and Benefits of a International Corporate Governance Reregulation?Tommaso, F.D.Article52
2018Implications of Financial Intermediation on the Performance of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria: 2000-2016.Adeyinka, A.J.; Odi, N.; Ebenehi, O.E.; Ademola, O.G.; James, S.O.Article55
2018Financial stability and Solvency of Algerian banks, application of stress tests from 2012 to 2016.Mehdi, B.Article82
2018Exploring the Organizational Benefits and Implementation Challenges of Preparing an Integrated Report in MauritiusBachoo, T.; Ahmad, N.S.M.Article715