Business Ethics and Leadership (BEL) : [92]

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2018Elderly Care – A Case for the CSR InitiativesKurian, G.AArticle73
2018The ISO 9001 International Standards in a System of the Banking Services Quality ManagementDemkiv, Yu.M.Article79
2018Leadership Styles as a Challenge to Generate Innovation Environments in the Companies of the 21st CenturyVargas-Hernandez, J.G.; Rodriguez, C.R.F.Article106
2018A Study of Organizational Justice on the Trust in Organization under the Mediating Role of Ethical LeadershipAl Halbusi, H.; Tehseen, S.; Hamid, F.A.H.; Afthanorhan, A.Article73
2018Moderating Influence of Strategic Human Resources Management Practices on Small-Medium Firm PerformanceAkpoviroro, K.S.; Olalekan, A.; Alhaji, S.A.Article52
2018Consumers’ Internet Shopping Decision toward Fashion Apparels and Its Impact on Satisfaction in BangladeshRahman, Md.L.; Hossain, A.; Hasan, Md.M.Article78
2018Performance Appraisal Fundamentals, Practices and Challenges in Public Sector: Case of Adigrat Town, EthiopiaBalaraman, P.; Gebre, T.; Berhe, G.; Priya, K.Article512
2018The Examination of Appearance of Income Inequality in Scientific Databases with Content AnalysisNagy, Z.B.; Kiss, L.B.Article54
2018Entrepreneurship Practice: As a Means of Poverty Reduction in Southwestern NigeriaPopoola, M.A.; Brimah, A.N.; Gbadeyan, R.A.Article42
2018Big Data, What Is It, Its Limits and Implications in Contemporary LifeKaraoulanis, A.Article53
2018The Deployment of Next Generation Access Network in the EU: Facts and Analysis of Regulatory IssuesMilon, K.; Nur-Al-Ahad, Md.; Monjurul Alam, A.B.M.Article66
2018Personal and Social Perception of Occupational Hazards by Health Care Workers: A Study among RadiographersRajan, D.Article74
2017Transition to sustainability reporting: evidence from EU and UkraineMakarenko, Inna Oleksandrivna; Sirkovska, N.Article8477
2017Scientific and methodical approaches to determining the center-orientation of financial conglomerates with the factor and cluster analysisVasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Kozyriev, Vadym AnatoliiovychArticle4816
2017Evaluation of the Market Value of the Enterprise with Consideration of Exogenous FactorsBoiarko, I.; Paskevicius, A.Article4928
2017The Role of Managers in Organizations: Psychological AspectsTovmasyan, G.Article80132
2017Executive bonuses clawback in the banking sectorAfanasyeva, O.Article67146
2017Is Proxemics Influencing Leadership?Trifu, A.Article7655
2017Leadership for Social Justice as an Antidote to Social PathogenesisPapaloi, E.Article7557
2017The Process of Communication in Decision-MakingTofan, C.A.Article3434